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Dryland Training for Swimmers – SwimGymPro

Over the years I have watched many swimmers practice day in and day out to improve their swimming and admired their dedication and commitment to the sport.

Many of you will know that I manage a large swimming program in Melbourne, Australia and in recent years, the Club’s swimmers have achieved outstanding results in many major meets.

One of the areas that has improved greatly is the dryland component of their training and the change in their body’s strength and fitness has been extremely noticeable.  These changes have led to ever improving times in the water.

I am constantly asked by coaches and parents of swimmers where they can find dryland exercises or a dryland coach and for many years have struggled to provide them with a satisfactory response.

Swim Gym Pro has changed all that because the exercises demonstrated in this program are the same ones I have watched many of our swimmers use day in, day out to develop strength and fitness specific to swimming.

This program is available now for less than the cost of a one hour session with a quality gym instructor.  These exercises can also be done in any program around the world.

So if you live in a country area or your club is not fortunate enough to have a gym instructor, check out Swim Gym Pro today.

The young man doing the demonstrations is one of our recently retired club members and the exercises will challenge swimmers of all ages!!

And yes, I do get a small kick-back for promoting this product, however after seeing the results first hand, I am delighted to recommend it.

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