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Does Competing in Carnivals Improve a Swimmer’s Times?


Hi Gary,

My daughter is 10 and my son is 9 and I was wondering how they can improve their swimming times to be able to compete in the NSW Country Swimming Championships . My daughter missed out last year but she is keen to go this year.   She is competing in different carnivals over the next few months and would love to see her achieve her goal.  She is between 3 sec – 5 seconds off her goal in 3 events of 50, 50 & 100 metres.

Does competing in carnivals improve their times or should they just keep training and show up for the main carnivals? Any advice would be helpful. I sometimes think it’s in the mind.

Many thanks, Ingrid


Hi Ingrid,

Yes, competing in Carnivals will assist a young swimmers development as they will learn how to start, turn and finish in a racing environment and also practice their pacing for each lap and swimming fast.

Your coach will work with your children in regards to the balance between the number of carnivals versus having some weekends off to recover from the week’s training.

Training well continues to be important in between each carnival.

And yes, sometimes it is in the mind.  Some would argue more often than not for young swimmers, so it is really important that positive encouragement is provided around training and competition so that each child builds their own self-confidence, as well as their physical preparation.



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