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Do I Have a Chance to Swim at 2016 Olympics?


Hello 🙂 I’ve been swimming since I was 6 years old and I love it so much. I am 15 now and my times are not the best, I’d say okay, but I try my best to improve and I’m sure I will if I train a lot more. It’s also because I had to stop swimming for this past year and a half due to hard work I had at school and also because of a skin problem I had.

I am starting swimming again in september and I am willing to give it all I have to get back on track. So do I have a chance to get qualified for the 2016 olympics if I train more, or is it too late?

I live abroad, in Morocco, if that helps in any way. I am not part of the Moroccan swim team. My team swims 2 hours, 5 times a week. How can I do more? How can I get qualified if it isn’t too late? Thank you 🙂 Hafsa


Hi Hafsa, I have always encouraged swimmers to go after their dreams.

The key to you getting back into swimming is to start again and as soon as possible.  If you began swimming in the next week, I would suggest going for 3 x 1/2 hours swims for one week, followed by 3 x 1hr swims the following week.  Each week build up the amount of swimming you are doing until you are doing at least 5 x 1 hr swims a week.  If you can do this through August and early September, you will be semi-prepared to begin back doing the 5 x 2hr sessions with your swim team.

Once you are back into full training for 6 months you will need to lift the number of sessions you do up to 7 or 8 sessions a week and ensure you have quality programs that include all the different components that you need to improve your speed, endurance and racing ability.

As far as qualifying for the Olympics, it will depend on how committed you are to training for the next 4 years, your talent levels and who you will be competing against.  You will have a much better idea in 2 years time when you have built a solid base of training and racing and will have a foundation to go after your goal then.



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