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Correct breathing in breaststroke

Learning to breathe at the correct time in breaststroke is very important for swimmers of all ages.

To breathe at the correct time in breaststroke, it is important to develop correct timing of breathing in relations to your arms stroke and your leg kick.

Begin with your arms straight out in front of your body and your body in a streamlined position. Your head will be positioned in between your arms with your eyes looking to the bottom of the pool.

Begin your arm stroke by sculling outwards with your hands.  Begin to lift your head when your hands are at the widest point of the out-sweep.  As your hands begin the in-sweep, your head will rise so that it is at it’s highest point as your hands come together at the end of the in-sweep.

Your head will then go back down quickly as the hands start the recovery and the legs begin to kick backward.

Breathing in breaststroke can be difficult for some.  Watch this video to see a demonstration.


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