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How can my daughter lose weight?


Hi Gary,

I have not been following up some time with you. How are you?

Would like to ask you, how can swimmers loose weight and have a balance diet? What sort of diet is good for swimmers, to loose weight?

She is presently in a sport school overseas and she is not quite happy in the school.

Her coach gave her weights to carry. I didn’t agree with that, cause I thought she can still grow. Ever since she started carrying weight, she become muscular and broader shoulder.

My daughter is 14, height is around 168 and weight 61kg. Sometimes she can’t move well in the pool. Could it be she is a bit on the fat side. She tried cutting down on carbo and eating less for last 5 months. Only managed to loose 1 kg from 62kg.

I noticed lots of good swimmer are slimmer.

Please advise.  Thank you.  Susan


Hi Susan,

Firstly, have you had the chance to read Nutrition For Swimmers.  This eBook has heaps of tips in regards to the correct nutrition for swimmers like your daughter.

The aerobic work combined with healthy eating will assist your daughter to perform with her swimming and daily activities.

As children grow and develop muscle and larger bones, their weight will go up.  There could be many reasons why your daughter only lost 1kg in the 5 month period and they include that her body may have grown and she may have developed more muscle.  So potentially, she could have lost 3 to 5kg in ‘fat’ but put on 2 to 4kg in muscle and general body size. Especially if she has started some weight work.

Girls bodies also change a lot around 14 to 16 years and it is an important time to eat healthy food on a daily basis.  This will assist her body to grow and develop naturally.

I know of many girls who have done a little bit of additional bike riding or running to lose some weight and this works so long it is incorporated as part of the overall training mix.

If anyone else has suggestions to help Susan, please leave them below.


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