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Butterfly Hand Position to Get a Good Breath

Gary Barclay explains the correct hand position to move forward and breathe when swimming butterfly.

Hi, I’m Gary and I want to talk to you today in regards to one of the  major problems in butterfly swimming. And that’s where the hands enter out  in front, and then push downwards, so that a swimmer can breathe.

What  happens is when you push down, sure, you go up and you get a breath, but  then your body will just drop back down into the water again.

Remember when you swim that you always move in the direction of the back of  your hand. So if you want to go forward in butterfly, it’s important to get  over in this position here so that you’re actually moving forward when you  breathe, like that, and not up to breathe. So it’s something to watch out  for guys.

Have a look at your hand position when you’re swimming butterfly next. Are you  pressing down when you breathe, or are you actually pulling yourself  backwards and pushing your chin forward to breathe?

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One Response to Butterfly Hand Position to Get a Good Breath

  1. Jade April 11, 2012 at 3:16 am #

    that video has realy helped me with my hand position in butterfly

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