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Breaststroke – The Importance of Arm Stroke Width

Gary Barclay talks about the importance of getting the right arm stroke width in breaststroke.

Hi, I’m Gary. I’m going to talk to you today in regards to one of the common problems in breaststroke, and that particular problem we’re going to look at is in regards to the arm stroke and swimmers going either way too wide, so way out wide on their stroke or swimmers going too narrow and just coming in here on their breaststroke arm stroke.

When swimmers go out too wide they lose power, so when they get out nice and wide they lose power out there, so they are actually not going to go forward, very fast at all. Swimmers who pull too narrow will drop their elbows to come in into the recovery position, and by doing that they also won’t go very fast forward.

So the ideal hand position in breaststroke is to start in this V position here, and then separate your hands out, roughly about there so your hands are out wider than your shoulders and then they start bending and coming around.

So this is just a hint for you in regards to breaststroke. Just watch yourselves that you don’t pull too wide or too narrow and you get it just right.

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