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Breaststroke Technique – When to Breathe

Gary Barclay explains when to breathe when swimming Breaststroke.

Hi I’m Gary and we’re going to have a look at breaststroke, and in particular breathing in breaststroke.

One of the most common problems in breaststroke is where swimmers breathe too light, and that causes all sorts of concerns with their timing. In regards to the breathing when your hands are out in front in this position here, you need to have your head down in between your arms. Once your hands get out into that position there just wider than your shoulders, the water’s going to hit your head anyway, so it a good time to start lifting your head to breathe.

Once your hands get around into the recovery position, in that position there, your head should be up, breathing, and then as your hands start going forward, your head goes down in between your arms into a streamline position. Now just a little hint here, that isn’t a streamline position, that is a more streamline position. So you want your head in between your arms. You don’t want it up here where the water hits you there, you want it down in between there.

So in regards to breathing too light, it’s really important that once your hands get to that position there, start lifting your head up that way, you will breathe at the correct time.

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