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Breaststroke Stroke Technique – Fast In-Sweep and Recovery

Gary Barclay explains the importance of a fast hand in-sweep and recovery in breaststroke.

Hi, I’m Gary Barclay. And today I’m going to talk to you in regards to breaststroke, and in particular, look at one of the problems that a lot of people have with breaststroke. What we’re going to look at today is in regards to the breaststroke pull.

Now we all know roughly how the breaststroke pull goes, but what I’m going to talk to you about is in regards to the in-sweep in the breaststroke pull, so when the hands come in underneath the body here.

Now what often happens is that young swimmers particularly and some older swimmers will come around in the breaststroke pull, and as they come in under their body, they’ll pause or slow down in this position here before recovering back out in front. What we should be doing as the hands come around, hands enter out in front, hands sweep out, and then as they come around they actually accelerate through this part here. Accelerate, that means get faster through here, and then recover forward.

So those people who swim breaststroke and slow down or stop their hands in this position here, you need to make sure that you’re accelerating your hands in, bringing your elbows in, and then recovering forward. That’s just a quick tip for you for those people who do slow down in their recovery in breaststroke.

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