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Breaststroke – Correct Leg Recovery

Gary Barclay talks about corrent leg recovery in breaststroke and how an incorrect recovery will cause alot of drag.

Hi, I’m Gary Barclay. And I’m going to have a look today at one of the most common problems with breaststroke, and in particular the breaststroke kick, and that is the poor leg recovery, where the legs come under the body.

Now we all know in breaststroke that the legs kick a little bit differently to freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly. And the legs actually come up and feet turn out, and they kick out and around together.

What we’re looking at is you’ll see when I demonstrate, the legs come up. It’s not the knees coming underneath the body like that. So we don’t want the knees coming under the body. We want the feet to come up into that position there and the feet to turn out.

When the knees come underneath the body, all the water hits the knees and hits the thighs and slows you down. And soon as you swim like that, you’ll see then because I’ll do a lot of stop-start breaststroke. Each time they bring their knees underneath, the water hits their thighs and they slow down.

So your best bet is to leave your legs out as straight as you can and bring your feet up so that when you kick, your feet get up into the right position, into that position there. Turn your feet out and kick out and around. By doing this, you’re going to stop a lot of the drag and swim a lot faster.

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