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Breaststroke – Correct Arm Recovery

Gary Barclay explains the correct way to recover your arms in the breaststroke pull.

Hi, I’m Gary Barclay and we’re going to have a look at one of the major problems in breaststroke, and that is the arm recovery causing too much resistance.

Now I’m sure we all know what resistance is. Resistance is when water hits your body and slows you down. So when you’re doing breaststroke and you come around into the in-sweep, and as you go forward, it’s really important to get your elbows in, elbows in there, and then go forward, keeping your arms in line with your body in that position there.

So next time you’re doing breaststroke, watch once you come around here, you don’t want your elbows out wide because all the water is going to hit your arms and slow you down. You want to squeeze those elbows in, bring them in close together, and recover forward that direction there and then into a V out in front.

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