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Body Rotation in Freestyle

Gary, Congratulations on your website. It is great to encounter an intuitively designed and content rich site. Easier said than done of course!


I have a small technical question on body rotation (a new concept to me):

I find it easier to rotate when taking a breath. It tends to flow with the recovery sequence of elbow up – shoulder up. I find it more difficult to smoothly induce rotation on the “non-breath” strokes.  Should the body rotation be to the same extent on “breath” and “non-breath” strokes ? And what is the ideal extent of rotation ( 45 deg ? ).

Thanks for your help and best wishes, Col


Thanks for the positive feedback on this website Col.

Many swimmers find it quite difficult to rotate to both sides equally, especially if they breath only on one side.  Yes it is easier to rotate to the right side when you are breathing on the right side however you do need to work on rotating equally on both sides whether or not you are taking a breath.  The extent of rotation will vary for each swimmer.  Most will only rotate between 10 and 20 degrees however a rotation of 30 degrees will make it easier to get maximimum power during the underwater pull through.

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