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Backstroke Technique – Head Position

Gary Barclay explains the correct head position when swimming backstroke.

Hi, I’m Gary Barclay and we’re having a look at backstroke, and in particular we’re having a look at the head position in backstroke.

Now one of the most common problems in backstroke is when a swimmer has their head too high in the water. So when they’re lying down in the water, their chins tucked down and they’re looking back in the direction that they’ve just come from. The reason this is bad is because if you lift your head up a little bit like that and you’re swimming through the water in this direction here, by lifting your head up. It means your hips drop and then your feet drop further, so the rest of your body is going through the water in this direction here, with your head leaning and your hips dropping down, your legs dropping down.

All the water hits you along here, so that causes drag and that slows you down. So what you need to do if you have a high head position is just lie your head back as though you’re lying down on a bed, just nice and relaxed.

Lie back, look straight above you at the roof and that will bring your hips up, and you need to kick your feet up so that your toes are kicking just near the surface of the water.

If you swim backstroke like that, you’ll get off to a great head start, and it will really help you improve your backstroke.

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