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Backstroke – Correct Position of Hand on Entry

Gary Barclay explains the correct position of the hand when entering in backstroke.

Hi, I’m Gary Barclay, and today I’m going to talk to you in regards to the position of the hand on entry of the backstroke.

Now the actual hand itself when it enters the water, you need to make sure that the hand enters in little finger first. You need to be really careful that the hand’s not that wide because as you go down into the water, you’re not going to be able to catch the water at all.

Another thing, also, make sure the hand’s not entered like that, because you’ll take a lot of air bubbles down into the water. So get your hand, little finger first, entering the water, and once you’ve entered into the water, then turn it over and start to catch the water with a nice high elbow.

So there are some hints for you in regards to the actual position of the hand when you’re entering in backstroke.

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