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Advice on my Swimming


Hey Gary,

This is Shimaa, how is the beginning of the swim season going for you? I just needed some advice on my swimming. I currently swim a 50 free in 34.47 sec -I know that not fast- but I was wondering if it is possible to get my times under 30 sec before the end of November.

I swim 6 times a week for about 2hr a day. I also wanted to ask whether starting the sport late would affect me. I am 15 years old and started swimming competitively in the middle of last year. I consistently eat healthy and avoid all junk food.

I never miss practice and I try to swim with a purpose, however, everyone in my age group swims faster than I do. I was considering giving myself a morning workout from 5-7 before school started, will that perhaps improve my times.

I really want to go far in this sport, please give me any advice or help.



Hi Shimaa,

With a current time of 34.47, your goal of swimming under 30 seconds by November is quite aggressive. I encourage you to share your goal with your swim coach and work on it together.

Without having seen you swim, I make the following comments.

6 times a week is a good amount of training to do at your age. Some swimmers may do more however without a big base from a young age, it sounds okay.

You have some great attributes like “I eat healthy and avoid junk food” and ” I never miss practice and I try to swim with purpose”. Continue with this theme as it will assist you to make maximum improvement.

I would not worry that you are not the fastest at this stage. Because you began in the sport a bit later than most, your improvement may come more quickly than the improvement for those who have swum for many years.

Continue to focus every day on improving your skills like starts, turns and finishes and also improve your technique in all strokes.

Let me know how are going.


The Swimming Expert

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