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Advice for Swimming Diet


Hey, I am a regular boy aged 15 who lives in India.

I need some tips about  my swimming diet.

I go for swimming every Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sunday.  I go for advanced batch, so our swimming classes are quite hectic and tiring.  We are training for our National Aquatic sports Championship. We generally  swim for about 1hr on Tuesdays, and 2-3 hours on Fridays and Sundays ! We do endurance laps generally! We swim approximately 40-45 rounds in width  (22.5m).

I was just interested to know what should be my diet as i am like 175cm tall and only 57 kg.  I dont want to turn more thin. Please  help me. Thanks,

Regards, RAJ.


Hi Raj,

The human body needs a supply of energy for daily functioning.  This energy is measured in the form of calories or kilojoules.  Every individual has a different requirement for energy intake.

The amount of energy that you will need is based on your age, gender, body composition, activity levels and genetics.  The balance of energy in your body determines whether the mass of your body changes at all.

For example when the adolescent experiences a growth spurt they will need to consume more energy to compensate for additional growth.  This is termed positive energy balance.  Positive energy balance is also needed for those athletes who are wishing to gain muscle mass.  Without enough energy for daily needs the body is in negative energy balance.  When negative balance occurs the body will lose weight, usually in the form of body fat.

Over time, if the level of body fat decreases too low, the body will also burn protein (usually found in the muscle) as a fuel source, further decreasing strength.  It is important that adolescent athletes consume appropriate food and drinks to ensure they have enough energy for training and competitions as well as daily growth and development.

Foods are generally made up of three components that provide energy; the fats, carbohydrate and protein.  Each source of energy works in a different way and is found in a range of food sources.  Different food sources also provide nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals.

If you really want to address your diet the ebook www.NutritionForSwimmers.com is your best bet.  It is only US$9.99 and is downloadable instantly.

The ebook will take you through what to eat before and after practice and what to eat before, during and after a swim meet.



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