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A Second Swim Session will Help Alot


Hi the Swim Expert,

I have a unique swim training question.  I want to help out this next year with the swim team, unfortunately this school doesn’t have a pool.  The nearest pool is an hour and a half away?  Then off course there are finances and scheduling issues, so in past years they have only gone to the pool once a week and train three other times in the week on dry land.  They are also a small team.  Right now, their speeds are not very quick the high school boys record time is 45 sec for a 50 m freestyle, seems slow, for other 50 meters in each strokes and ages they are around a minute.  They already do basic fitness training on those days, focusing on the core, and some stoke basic training.  Are there any other exercises you would really suggest for dry land workout?  Are these times as fast as we can get.

Another question, how valuable would going to the pool even one more time per week.  There are a few things I would like to add to their training, but wondered what you would suggest.

Thanks.  Sincerly, love Swimming, Aaron


Hi Aaron,

Having read your email I believe a second session each week, with the two sessions 3 to 4 days apart, would make a massive difference to the improvement the swimmers will make.
I understand it would be a major feat for the swimmers, coach and families however I am sure it would be worth it in the long term.

The only other suggestion would to be to buy a swim bench like the ones at https://vasatrainer.com/find-your-sport/swimming.html.


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