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Time to Join a Swimming Club?

Our almost 8 year old son has been taking private learn to swim lessons, and is competent in the water, but needs to go to the next level, which I am assuming is learning / training to swim lengths of the pool. What should I be looking for? Is this a club activity or a […]

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Teaching Babies to Love the Water

I have a 16-month-old daughter. She loves the water and I’m looking forward to seeing her swimming properly. My question is, at what age can I expect her to get the hang of kicking and moving purposely in one direction? It depends as every child will develop at a different rate. Usually children will develop […]

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Slow Freestyle Kick

I have a kid age 9. I feel that when he does free kicking it is very slow. How can he improve his freestyle kick? The key to improving freestyle kick is to do plenty of it at a good intensity. I would start with sets of 25m kick fast and then build up to […]

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Flutter Kick in Breaststroke

Is there anything that can be done to help a swimmer who appears to be doing a small flutter kick (not intentionally) after each cycle of the breaststroke kick? She is not a beginner and is aware of the problem yet does not seem to be able to feel herself doing it while racing or […]

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