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Nutrition for Swimmers

For more information see the Nutrition for Swimmers ( ebook ).
A guide for optimal performance for Junior and Age Group Swimmers.
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How Many Hours Should I Train?

QUESTION: I’m 12 years old and I want to become an Olympian swimmer. How many hours should I be training a week and what should i be eating?? Thank you Nat:) ANSWER: Hi Nat, Thanks for your email.  To become an Olympian is a great goal to strive for. As far as training is concerned most strong […]

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How can my daughter lose weight?

QUESTION: Hi Gary, I have not been following up some time with you. How are you? Would like to ask you, how can swimmers loose weight and have a balance diet? What sort of diet is good for swimmers, to loose weight? She is presently in a sport school overseas and she is not quite […]

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Nutrition for Swimmers Review

This was the first season since our 12 year old started swimming 3 years ago that he has been competitive, so I bought and downloaded your book at www.NutritionForSwimmers.com. He swam 5 practices a week and meets on almost every Saturday and Sunday. By following basic nutrition guidelines from your book, he NEVER once had […]

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Swimming Fatigue

QUESTION: Hi Gary, My 10 year old son absolutely loves swimming and has been in squad training for about 4 years. He is a State medalist in two strokes and trains 10 hours a week. For about the last two months he has become very fatigued and sore after training which continues throughout the next […]

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The Importance of Eating Breakfast

Breakfast has long been called the most important meal for everyone. Whether the person is an infant, child, teen, adult or senior adult after a long night of being without food, the body needs breakfast to get it going in the morning. Breakfast is particularly important for swimmers. If breakfast is so important why do […]

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Protein Supplements for Children

QUESTION: Hi Gary,  I appreciate your time and dedication First of all, I want you to get to know more about my 12 years daughter whose life dream is to become an Olympic champion and a world champion Her life is dedicated to swimming and actually she is a champion here in our country ( […]

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