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The best warm up for a Swim Meet

QUESTION: Good Day Gary, Some of our swimmers ages 8yrs to 14yrs complain of fatigue, when its race time if the coach does a long warm up before the meet starts. What would you say would be basic or best warm up, prior to the start of the meet and the duration. Regards Robert ANSWER: […]

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Pan Pacs 2014

The 2014 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships will begin tomorrow at the new Gold Coast Aquatic Centre in Queensland Australia.  The Championships will be the maiden event for the newly renovated outdoor complex which has been upgraded in anticipation of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The complex will boast a new ten (10) lane 50m competition pool, […]

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Faster in Practice than Meets

QUESTION: Hi Gary, My daughter is regularly faster in practice (from a push) than she is in her meets. What are some potential reasons for this? Her coach says she needs to relax. If that really is the problem, easier said than done. Thanks David ANSWER: Hi David, This is not an unusual problem for […]

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