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How To Stop the Spreading of the Legs in Freestyle

Recently I posted an article and some tips on https://theswimmingexpert.com/how-to-fix-my-sons-freestyle/ Following this article there has beena good response from a number of coaches, however one of them has stood out, and I will share it with you below. Hi Gary, Concentrating on kicking to keep the legs together while breathing may stop the leg spread […]

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Swimming Pool Too Hot?

QUESTION: Hi,   The current temperature at our swim centre is about 31.5deg.  There is talk about it increasing to about 33 as it also caters to hydrotherapy patients. My question is, with all of our squad swimmers (including my daughter) training for 1.5 hours at a time, and already complaining about the heat, are […]

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Advice for Swimming Diet

QUESTION: Hey, I am a regular boy aged 15 who lives in India. I need some tips about  my swimming diet. I go for swimming every Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sunday.  I go for advanced batch, so our swimming classes are quite hectic and tiring.  We are training for our National Aquatic sports Championship. We generally […]

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How to fix my Sons Freestyle

QUESTION: Hi Gary, My 9 & half year son is a decent freestyle swimmer.  One very major fault he carries is ” Spreading / Bending legs while breathing – he also turns his head more than required”  he breaths every 3 strokes. How to fix this? Thanks, Divakar ANSWER: Hi Divakar, In freestyle, many young […]

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