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12 Year Old Boy Overtraining

My son is 12 years old and swims competitively. He currently trains 6 days (evening)a week (5000 – 6000 per session). In addition he land trains twice a week , and trains with the Water Polo team twice a week. Therefore he currently has 10 workout sessions a week.

The Swim coach has added two 5.00 am sessions for the age group and has encouraged us that my son should attend.

My belief is that he is currrently doing a significant amount of training and that at this age the 2 new sessions may be too much.

Your question is a difficult one to answer as a lot depends on your sons swimming background (which sounds substantial if he has worked up to 6 sessions per week of 5-6km) and his development.

If you have concerns in regards to the additional sessions, it would be worth sitting down with your son’s coach, asking him to take you through the plan he has for your son over the long term and also sharing with the coach the other commitments your son has (water polo) and also how you feel about the additional sessions.

Your concerns are legitimate, particularly with the additional sport outside of swimming, so please discuss your concerns with your sons coach.




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