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Swim Coach Mentoring

Hi Gary,Leigh Nugent

I’m happy to have got your  name from a coach in our club.  I am a parent and have been swimming with my girls this last 5  to 6 years.  The more involved in the swimming I got the more interesting it’s to me.

I did my Level 1 coaching course a year ago and really enjoyed coaching young swimmers.  I lie awake at night thinking of ways to coach the children in all strokes but a lot of them have trouble learning the right technique. Is there a method you would use to make it easier for young swimmers age groups( 7 to 10).

I know all swimmers are different, have you a  book or other that could help out?

Kind Regards.   Pat

Hi Pat,
I am currently working on a project with Leigh Nugent (former Australian Head Coach) and Rohan Taylor (dual Olympic Coach) that will assist coaches at all levels to develop their skills. As part of the program, we will mentor coaches, provide them with tips and assist them with advice.
The program hasn’t been released yet but we are currently putting the final touches together.
To find out more about this exciting new program, please download the free eBook 15 Tips to Improve Your Swim Coaching and I will send you more information on the new coaching program in the near future.

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