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Have your swim school or learn to swim questions answered here.

The Importance of Sculling in Learn-to-Swim

One of the most important skills a young child can learn in swimming is the ability to scull effectively.  Sculling is used to provide children with a good feel for the water and will also improve their initial catch of the water in all four strokes. Sculling is the back and forth movement of the […]

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How To Stop the Spreading of the Legs in Freestyle

Recently I posted an article and some tips on Following this article there has beena good response from a number of coaches, however one of them has stood out, and I will share it with you below. Hi Gary, Concentrating on kicking to keep the legs together while breathing may stop the leg spread […]

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Fear of Water

QUESTION: Dear sirs,   I have a question about swimming.   My name is Linda, I’m 36 years old. I tried to learn swimming few times in my life but I always have one problem while learning. I can float in the water, I can hold my breath under the water for a long time […]

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