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I Want My Children to Love Swimming

QUESTION: Hi Gary,  I have twins.  They are 9 years old. I started swimming very late in life and I love the sport a lot, but I don’t want to be overbearing with my kids so I have them do all sports. Currently they are in basketboll 2-3 times a week and every weekend they […]

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Swim Squad based on “Age” or “Ability”

QUESTION: Hi, should swimming training at a swim club be based on “age” rather than on “ability” of the swimmer? My daughter is a very dedicated and competitive 11-year-old swimmer who thrives on challenges and achievements. She is genuinely getting bored of her training because she does not find it challenging enough to swim with […]

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Coaching Swimmers of Different Levels

QUESTION: Hello, I coach age group swimmers, half of them have been swimming for approximately 5-7 years, others are brand new. I am having a hard time coaching both groups at the same time and teaching the same thing to both regarding technique. Should I be teaching them different stuff ? Thanks Perla ANSWER: Hi […]

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