New Swimming Book Name Released

04 September 2014

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful title suggestions for my new book. As many readers know I have been putting together a new book for children aged 8 years to 14 years.  The book covers all aspects of competition swimming and talks about the life of a swimmer during these years. I had one problem though…  […]

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Swimming freestyle with straight arms like Vladimir Morozov

30 August 2014

QUESTION: Hello Gary I would like to ask if the way Vladimir Morozov swimming is efficient? I mean his freestyle swimming. If he is doing high elbow position too and swimming like you showed it on your video? I’m asking because I can’t see it. I’m asking because I’ve got the same height as Vlad […]

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How can my daughter lose weight?

28 August 2014

QUESTION: Hi Gary, I have not been following up some time with you. How are you? Would like to ask you, how can swimmers loose weight and have a balance diet? What sort of diet is good for swimmers, to loose weight? She is presently in a sport school overseas and she is not quite […]

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Pan Pacs 2014

20 August 2014

The 2014 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships will begin tomorrow at the new Gold Coast Aquatic Centre in Queensland Australia.  The Championships will be the maiden event for the newly renovated outdoor complex which has been upgraded in anticipation of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The complex will boast a new ten (10) lane 50m competition pool, […]

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12 year old swimmer sessions per week

06 August 2014

QUESTION: Hi Gary, My 12year old daughter currently trains 2 days per week but would like to train more because she enjoys her swimming and her winter sport is about to finish. Currently her coach is telling us that some weekly classes are not available to her unless she commits to 5-6 classes per week. […]

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New Swimming Book Just for Children

31 July 2014

A new swimming book written specifically for competitive swimmers aged 8 to 14 yrs will be released in October 2014. Gary Barclay has spent the last year talking to swimming parents and children in this age range to find out what information is important to include in the book. Children aged 8 to 14 years […]

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Masters Swimmer Wants to Improve Kicking

29 June 2014

QUESTION: Hello, I am a masters swimmer and have been swimming for about 18month. I swim with a group of adult swimmers and when it comes to kick sets i find i am falling behind, yet when i swim i have no problems keeping up. my kick is my weakness. What can i do to […]

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A Second Swim Session will Help Alot

16 June 2014

QUESTION: Hi the Swim Expert, I have a unique swim training question.  I want to help out this next year with the swim team, unfortunately this school doesn’t have a pool.  The nearest pool is an hour and a half away?  Then off course there are finances and scheduling issues, so in past years they […]

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