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Why is technique important in swimming?

QUESTION: Hello, I have a lot of stamina and my swimming coach tells me that I swim very fast but she tells me I have to improve techniques… in a race not speed is important?? why should I bother with techniques Jean Claude ANSWER: Hi Jean Claude, It sounds like your swimming coach is a […]

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Nine year old swimmer not improving

QUESTION: Dear Sir/Madam I have a 9 year old son who swims for a club and participates in galas regularly. The issue is he seems to always underperform at his galas. Kids in his age group and smaller constantly achieve better times than he does. He is at training 3 to 4 times a week […]

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New Swimming Book Name Released

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful title suggestions for my new book. As many readers know I have been putting together a new book for children aged 8 years to 14 years.  The book covers all aspects of competition swimming and talks about the life of a swimmer during these years. I had one problem though…  […]

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How can my daughter lose weight?

QUESTION: Hi Gary, I have not been following up some time with you. How are you? Would like to ask you, how can swimmers loose weight and have a balance diet? What sort of diet is good for swimmers, to loose weight? She is presently in a sport school overseas and she is not quite […]

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